Welcome to ExponentialWorks, a software development shop working on technology that matters to our clients.

Need Help?

You can count on EXW to deliver straigthforward solutions, that are engaging, reliable and most importantly affordable.

We have over 25 years of technology experience ready to tackle complex business problems, or the simple ones!

We manage the full spectrum of software development for you, from custom desktop applications (Linux, Mac, Windows, Raspberry PI), web applications, to mobile application development.

We provide End-to-End services or other flexible engagements to work as needed by your project or team.

Custom Software

Development of custom software.

Support your development efforts with design, coding or technical expertise.

Maintenance, operating support, identify and fix code errors, add new functionality or modifications.

Develop integration between applications.

Web Applications

Development of reliable, engaging and mobile ready web applications.

Company/Enterpise Portals.

E-Commerce, PayPal, Stripe, ATH/MultiMerchantPay/Evertect/BPPR

Develop Web Services.

Add integration points with a Web Application or other softwarse.

Web Application maintenance.

Mobile Applications

Development for iOS and Android.

Cross-platform mobile development.

Mobile web applications with the concept of "write-once-run-anywhere".

Security, performance and interoperability